Translation is a skilled craft. It requires experience and expertise in a range of different areas of specialisation. No translator knows everything, but we develop the skills to do the research and find the right answers. As a translator, I have a passion for language and getting it right first time, I believe that service and quality are the best combination for clients. Service means efficiency, delivering on time and within budget, but it also includes responding in a friendly and honest way to every client request. Some things (not many) are not possible, and I will tell you if that is the case and recommend a colleague if I can.

I specialise in legal and commercial texts, however as a translator I am asked to work on a whole range of documents. A selection of the type of documents I have worked on recently include:

  • A Swedish website and app offering medical services
  • A Swedish contract between an art gallery and an exhibitor
  • A German company agreement setting out terms for a peer evaluation and reward scheme
  • A German contract between a TV station and a production company to produce a season of programmes to air on a national TV channel
  • A German process description for mainframe authentication for an international banking group

Other types of documents that I frequently translate from both German and Swedish into English include:

  • Standard employment contracts
  • Various construction related documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Magazine articles
  • Medical reports
  • Annual reports
  • Legal judgments
  • Privacy notices in compliance with GDPR
  • Corporate guidelines and reports


Managing international projects means communicating locally. I have many years or experience living and working in countries all over the globe. This gives me an insight into how different markets need different solutions. It is not only a question of translating the words, but also translating the cultural context of everything you do. Your business can benefit from my global perspective.


To be a good translator you also have to understand editing. Taking a text and transforming it into another language involves a large amount of discretion – there are usually several options to choose from, and a translator spends the day making informed choices about the right word or phrase for the specific situation. This involves being accurate and decisive. As an editor, I weed out and tidy up the text, giving it a coherent style.